Susan Leyland


Susan Leyland has been working as an artist since 1998. Her works have become internationally known thanks to her “Horse Block Sculptures” which are exhibited in several museums and displayed in public spaces as commissioned works. Her work is defined by perfect balance and elegance. She works with clear, geometric shapes and the detailed proportions of horses' bodies. To the beholder's eye, the creatures appear powerful yet light, as if they were hovering. Their own character and graceful beauty reveal aesthetics with neoclassical features dissolved in contemporary handling. Thus, her works are appreciated not only by horse enthusiasts. For Susan Leyland, it is not about depicting horses, even though they have played a role in art and cultural history for 3000 years. The artist transforms stories, feelings, relationships, future and past in her sculptures. What is more, her horses are symbolic and exemplary of human interactions. Her timeless creations are preceded by an intense creative process, many hours of observation and countless sketches. Using a centuries-old technique, the white clay is then baked at 1000 degrees for one week. Every single one of her works is a unique piece of art.