Stefano Fioresi


For more than 20 years, internationally successful artist Stefano Fioresi has been travelling the European and American metropolises in search of styles that are extraordinary in perspective. The myth of New York - the embodiment of a modern city, shock city, the American dream - is the main topic of his works series. In order to come closer to this city, Fioresi has created a new visual language that successively translates his photographs into the codes of pop art. The focus of the MY INTERIOR works series takes the contemplator to the skyline of Manhattan, immersing them in a world of black and white. The penthouses boast posh, selected designs and - displayed in an iconic way - masterpieces of the most important artists. However, it is not the “picture in the picture” that creates the estrangement effect, but the zebra that appears on the ground floor as the element that breaks open the two-dimensional space, inviting us to go further, to look at the familiar relationships between real life and the life represented by iconography in order to perceive a reality whose dimensions are deeper than those in which our lives take place today.