Giovanni Maranghi


Born into a family of artists in Signa/Florence in 1955, Giovanni Maranghi finished his artistic studies at the Accademia di belli arti in parallel to his architectural studies at Ateneo Fiorentino. The artist has always lived and worked in the art metropolis of Florence. His works are collected all over the world, including in museums. According to Professor Antonio Natali, director of the Uffizi Galleries (2006-2015) in Florence, each of Maranghi's works arising from poetry and research is unique, as it constitutes an individual state of technical research and continuing improvement. There is hardly anyone who has mastered the traditional techniques, such as the art of encaustic which dates back to the Etruscans, to the same extent as Giovanni Maranghi. At the same time, however, the artist's works are influenced by new forms of interpretation, such as those made possible by computers, and by drawings that leave a trace of irony in his works. His extraordinary art is moreover characterised by an ever-expanding poly-materialism. Contemplators will meet his icon in serial repetition in an ever-changing context, but never in series production.