Her pictures are informed by simple questions, ranging from the difficulty of being a woman to the tyranny of religions, and to the need to enjoy and beautify our lives, as well as a thousand other subjects that she takes pleasure in mulling over every day. In her photography, she uses universal emblems like Barbie, as well as icons of the cinema and the catwalk. They are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and reflection, generating ideas that she likes to play. Behind symbols, there is the force of appearance, personal exigency, a dream communicated, the factory of the world. Through her series of "nuns" or "burqas", she highlights the weight of religion on female identity. Religions are written and dictated by men. So, she questions the place left to women, to their desires. "At some point in history, men began to fear the power of women. And patriarchy was born. And so was religion. The perversion and misinterpretation of religious texts-imposed codes of modesty on women the world over. Today, after thousands of years of repression, women can come out of their shells. All with different missions, but with the same vital force and (sometimes even) the freedom to speak out."